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Pompei Tour

The unique story of Pompeii dates back to the 8th century BC and ends in 79 a.C., when  the  scary eruption of  Vesuvius, covered with ash and lapilli, up to a height of six meters, burying its inhabitants. At the time of the eruption, many buildings werebeing reconstructed, following the earthquake in the 62 a.C. The archaeological excavations have returned loquacious cuts in the life of the inhabitants. Through the technique of castings, introduced in 1863, today it is possible to observe scenes of daily life immortalized by the eruption. Continuously subject to new excavations or restoration works, in 1980, the site was further damaged by the earthquake of Irpinia. In 1997 the archaeological area became a Heritage of Humanity.


Naples Tour

We are happy to accompany you in your stay in this ancient and magical city. Naples is a city of Greek origins dating back to the VIII century BC. We are therefore immersed in almost three millennia of history. Its buildings, its monuments, its churches, its streets will tell you this time. To date, Naples has assumed a global role in the field of art. This has meant that today the city has a large number of museums of the most varied genres, including archaeological, historical, scientific, artistic, musical.


Our Neapolitan cooking courses

Neapolitan cuisine boasts an ancient history dating back to the Greek period. History that inevitably over the years has been enriched by cultures and traditions deriving from the various dominations suffered by the city. Especially Spanish and French were to contaminate the culinary tradition ... the rest made the imagination and creativity of the Neapolitans. On the other hand the Neapolitans who emigrated abroad, brought with them the typical dishes, thus exporting a tasty and highly appreciated cuisine, to the point of being recognized in the world as a balanced and healthy Mediterranean Diet.


Escursioni in Campania

we organize day tours to Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento or Pompeii! The Amalfi Coast is a natural paradise, there are no other words to define this enchanted place, not surprisingly it is one of the 50 Italian sites that UNESCO declared "World Heritage" in 1997. 
The shape of the Amalfi Coast for foreigners makes it similar to a balcony suspended in half on the cobalt blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the blue sky that many painters have tried to reproduce over the years.
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Il borgo di Posillipo: visita all’antico casale

10:30 am

A visit that will make us discover one of the "remote" places of the city of Naples, where the narrow streets and views give an ancient atmosphere: the Casale di Posillipo. A place that stands out from the rest of the neighborhood and that has its origins in the need for fishermen to defend themselves against enemy incursions along the coast. A village that developed around the Church of Santo Strato, linked to a cult led by three religious from Greece, who managed to earn a sum of money performing in the streets of Naples as jugglers and invested in 1266 to build a church in honor of the Saint. Since the Middle Ages this area of Posillipo has developed as an agricultural village and with the establishment of some religious communities, generally constituting the peripheral branches of the orders residing in the center of Naples. Santostrato represents the largest inhabited nucleus of the hill where they are still present, the testimonies of a minor architecture with an agricultural-residential vocation and that returns to the visitor unexpected panoramas.


Pizza Lessons

Make an authentic neapolitan pizza during 1.5 hour cooking class! Under the watchful eye of a professional local pizzaiolo, mix and knead your own dough, and then top it with the finest local ingredients. Sit down and finish your experience with a soft drink and a 3 course meal : starter, dessert and, of course, pizza you have prepared with you own hands!

Pizza Lesson 11.30 am

Pizza Lesson 6.30 pm


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